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Please find here some useful links and an email address where I invite you to send your personal messages.




My contact : 

If necessary, I will do my best to answer as soon as possible. In advance, however, thank you for your patience.

My RSS feeds :

To be informed of my publications or my news, I invite you to subscribe to various RSS feeds on this site. There are three main : my publications, my catalog and my news. You can also subscribe to the mailing list below. To unsubscribe or update your contact information, simply send a message to this address.

My publisher :

For any questions related to scores of my works, please contact
Percussion Music Europe
Langveld 6 – 3300 Tienen
Tel +32-16-78.22.70
Fax +32-16-78.07.50
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The website :

For questions about this website, thank you for contacting the webmaster at 

Of course, all information, photos, sheet music and sound clips available on this site are not royalty free. Thank you kindly to contact the beneficiary prior to use. The scores on this site are just for example, or information, thank you for always contact my publisher before use. The same applies to sound clips, they are there for your pleasure, thank you respect the work of musicians.



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